Welcome to www.netasri.com, the home of New England Truck and Auto Shine (NETAS).  With the companies hard work and dedication, we are proud to proclaim that we are the industry leader in decal removal, de-identification . De-Identification also known as D.I.D. is the process of not only removing the decal but also removing the glue and image.  We also specialize in decal application, graphic design, graphic removal, fleet graphic changeovers, and truck & auto detailing and reconditioning.  We are a fully insured company dedicated to professionally serve your needs.

workers for netas

     Although based out of the New England area, we are a nationwide, on-sight company.  Our on-sight, mobile capabilities allow your company to keep its trucks stationary, while our crews work on them.  Thus New England Truck and Auto Shine takes pride in decreasing your down time and increasing your profits through our mobility.   Corporate image removal is becoming increasingly important for companies changing their fleets; by creating on-sight and movable work crews we have allowed companies the easy transition of corporate change-over. 

     With over 40 years of worker experience, New England Truck and Auto Shine is capable of fulfilling all your graphic needs. Our experience with decal removal and decal application is unmatched to other companies, thus we look forward to the future of corporate image management.  Our graphics department not only applies decals, but we also fully warranty the decals that we create. We are eager to provide free estimates in regards to our de-identification and graphics work.  Our expertise in removal, decal application, and  reconditioning  makes NETAS second to none industry wide. All facets of our work are satisfaction guaranteed, so please browse the website for more information about New England Truck and Auto Shine and how you can contact us for further information about NETAS.